This is our Vision for North Hinksey Parish (revised April 2017), incorporating issues and objectives identified by the local community.

By 2031, North Hinksey will be an inclusive parish of high quality design containing a wide-ranging mix of services and facilities, both commercial and social, to service the local community.  It will foster diverse employment and a healthy economy.  It will encourage, and improve the infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, and reduce reliance on private car journeys.   It will make best use of utilities, and benefit from new low carbon and energy-efficient technologies.  It will protect and enhance its green spaces, wildlife, and the semi-rural nature of its location. It will retain its own identity and role within the Vale of White Horse, and its historic setting, while at the same time developing its relationship with neighbouring Oxford City. Development as a whole will aim to improve the health, wellbeing and available lifestyle choices for people living in, working in, or visiting North Hinksey Parish.


The North Hinksey Parish Neighbourhood Plan aims to deliver its long-term vision for the community through the following objectives:
Neighbourhood Plan Objectives


  1. Attractive housing that meets the needs of the whole community:

Our vision is for low rise sustainable developments, of up to a maximum of three storeys, rising higher at the Local Centre, which are well designed. We expect high quality architecture that avoids over-densification and which provides safe, healthy, and attractive designs in harmony with the distinctive green character of North Hinksey Parish.  Our objective is housing and affordability that meet the requirements of parishioners and key workers at all stages of their lives.


  1. A good place to work and do business in, and for shoppers:

A redeveloped Central Botley Area that meets community needs and desires with a diverse range of shops and eating places including independent local outlets. Foster diverse employment and economy with a mixture of services / retail / professions / self-employment and sufficient offices and units for start-ups. Make North Hinksey Parish the place for smart businesses looking to work with Oxfordshire’s knowledge-based economy, and an attractive, more easily accessible alternative to central Oxford.


  1. A fully integrated and effective transport system that copes fully with local demands:

Improved infrastructure and encouragement for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport to reduce reliance on private car journeys and reduce congestion, particularly on local roads, despite the pressures of a growing population. Make the Parish a safer place for all public highway users through effective management of parking and associated issues.


  1. Appropriate levels of social infrastructure for a community of our size and mix of demographics:

Along with a good mix of community facilities (including medical services, education, leisure facilities and library provision) introduced in a timely manner, North Hinksey Parish should remain a safe environment for all residents and workers at any time of night and day, with a cohesive, caring and diverse community and low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour.


  1. Affordable and sustainable access to water, electricity and gas meets the needs of current residents in a way that secures their provision for the future:

Warm, comfortable and energy efficient homes, commercial and social buildings ensure that North Hinksey Parish is an enjoyable place to live and work while also reducing carbon emissions. Energy provision, water supply and management, and waste water disposal are designed into development to ensure a good, affordable, reliable and sustainable supply. The benefits of new low carbon and energy efficient technologies will be applied to current and new buildings in a way that enhances our environment and well-being, while reducing less desirable aspects such as flooding which is currently an issue in some parts of the designated area. Excellent internet connectivity should be available to residents and businesses throughout the whole Parish.


  1. Retention of the current semi-rural feel to the area, with good public access to green spaces and the local countryside:

Protection of current Green Belt land and recreational green spaces within the Parish combined with green spaces designed into all major new developments providing opportunities for enjoyment by all local residents. Encouragement of biodiversity and protection of wildlife corridors and habitats ensuring continued healthy populations of flora and fauna. Increasing green routes for walkers and cyclists.


     7. A flourishing Oxford Brookes University Campus on Harcourt Hill, acting both as an educational establishment, and as a provider of infrastructure for the local community.

Encouraging appropriate development of the Campus site that enables it to function effectively in its prime role as an educational establishment without impacting negatively on the local environment and transport network to a significant degree. Increasing the level of self-sufficiency of the campus in terms of facilities would be a major factor in helping to minimalise any negative impacts. Oxford Brookes University is also recognised as a major landowner providing local employment opportunities and social infrastructure such as sports facilities, and ongoing improvements to these aspects will be sought over the long term.