On this page you will find links to a wide range of downloadable documents and websites providing information about Neighbourhood Planning and associated issues as well as information specific to North Hinksey Parish’s own Neighbourhoods Plan and its production process.

General and background information:

This section includes relevant legislation and guides to Neighbourhood Planning.

North Hinksey Parish Plan 2009

Locality Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide

Planning Aid England website

Project Management documents for our Neighbourhood Plan:

Steering Group Terms of Reference

Working Groups Terms of Reference

Relationships Diagram

Initial Scoping Report

Neighbourhood Plan content:

Draft Neighbourhood Plan (October 2017)  for comparison only Рnow superseded by the public consultation (June 2018) version below.

Public feedback from the October / November 2017 Public Consultation and responses from the NHPNP Team:

Feedback on Policies

Feedback on Community Actions

Documents for final public consultation June – July 2018:

The final consultation draft Neighbourhood Plan consists of the following two documents (now superseded by the final submission version below):

Final submission versions of the Neighbourhood Plan January 2019:

The two documents constituting the 2031 Plan:

The following are support documents to the Plan:

Meeting Minutes

Below are downloadable versions of the minutes from all meetings of the Steering Group and all combined Working Group / Steering Group meetings. The most recent meetings are at the top of the list. 3rd October 2018 30th August 2018 6th June 2018 2nd May 2018 21st March 2018 22nd February 2018 26th January 2018 …

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