Our Teams

Steering Group:

The Neighbourhood Planning process is overseen by a small Steering Group set up by North Hinksey Parish Council including two Parish Councillors (the Chair, Andrew Pritchard and Secretary, David Kay) together with a number of other volunteers from the local community who have experience in relevant planning matters. The Steering Group Terms of Reference describe how this Steering Group operates.

Working Groups:

In addition there are a number of Working Groups containing other volunteers who carry out the actual work on investigating issues, gathering evidence and writing draft policies as they produce the Neighbourhood Plan. The Working Groups also have Working Groups Terms of Reference. Click on the names of the Working Groups below for further details about them.

There are seven Working Groups covering the following topics:

If you are interested in volunteering to help in one of the above Working Groups see our Get Involved page for further details.




The Housing Working Group’s Vision: Attractive housing that meets the needs of the whole community Our vision is for low riseĀ sustainableĀ developments, of up to a maximum of four storeys, rising higher at the Local Centre, which are well designed. We expect high quality architecture that avoids over-densification and which provides safe, healthy, and attractive designs …

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Aerial view 1980s Botley Junction

Economy and Employment

The Economy & Employment Working Group’s Vision: A good place to work and do business in, and for shoppers: A redeveloped Central Botley Area that meets community needs and desires with a diverse range of shops and eating places including independent local outlets. Foster diverse employment and economy with a mixture of services / retail …

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The Transport Working Group’s Vision: A fully integrated and effective transport system that copes fully with local demands: Improved infrastructure and encouragement for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport to reduce reliance on private car journeys and reduce congestion, particularly on local roads, despite the pressures of a growing population. Make the Parish a safer place …

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Social Infrastructure

Social Infrastructure Working Group Vision: Appropriate levels of social infrastructure for a community of our size and mix of demographics: Along with a good mix of community facilities (including medical services, education, leisure facilities and library provision) introduced in a timely manner, North Hinksey Parish should remain a safe environment for all residents and workers …

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Invading pylons!


The Utilities Working Group’s Vision: Affordable access to water, electricity and gas meets the needs of current residents in a way that secures their provision for the future Warm, comfortable households and efficient, fit for purpose commercial and social buildings will ensure that North Hinksey Parish is an enjoyable place to live and work. Energy …

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Hay bales in field overlooking Botley

Green Spaces & Natural Environment

Green Spaces & Natural Environment Vision: Retention of the current semi-rural feel to the area, with good public access to green spaces and the local countryside: Protection of current Green Belt land and recreational green spaces within the Parish combined with new green spaces designed into all major new developments providing opportunities for enjoyment by …

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West Way 1930s

History & Character

A Botley Character Assessment was produced by the community in January 2014 using the approved process. This document required updating to include two areas covered by the Neighbourhood Plan but excluded from the originalĀ as it was created before the set up of the Neighbourhood Plan. The 2017 North Hinksey Parish Character Assessment including coverage of …

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Aerial view 1980s Westminster College

Brookes Harcourt Hill

Members: David Wyatt  

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