Get Involved

If you live in North Hinksey Parish or work here there are many ways in which you can get involved either on a regular or occasional basis:

  • Provide feedback via surveys and community engagement events

  • Join a Working Group investigating the various topics

  • Become a special advisor for Working Groups to refer to

  • Join the Steering Group to provide support in Project Planning or Marketing & Community Engagement

  • Help distribute questionnaires or the draft Neighbourhood Plan or carry out other ad-hoc tasks

Anyone interested in volunteering for the various roles described here can contact us via e-mail to get more information.

Respond to our surveys and attend community engagement events

Throughout the process we will be regularly checking that the Neighbourhood Plan is heading in the right direction in line with the desires of the local community.Two surveys in 2014 helped us establish that there was support for producing a Neighbourhood Plan and provided useful information on what you thought were the most important local issues as well as telling us what you liked and didn’t like about living or working here.

We are planning a community engagement event to get feedback on our Vision Statement and the policy aims and potential community actions that our work to date is leading us towards. It will also be a useful chance for you to get further information on short term planning issues (e.g. the proposed West Way redevelopment plans) and see how this fits in with long term planning through the Neighbourhood Plan. We plan to hold this event in January 2016, watch this space for more details in the coming months.

Join a Working Group or our Steering Group, or provide specialist advice

Although we already have many hard working volunteers in our various Working Groups we do currently need more people to join in to spread the workload and ensure that we can achieve our aims within a reasonable time. Have a look at the Our Teams page to see what topics the Working Groups are investigating and if you find one that interests you please contact us to find out more. If you have specialist knowledge or skills relating to the various topics our Working Groups are investigating but you can’t commit to regular meetings or workload you can still help by joining us as a special advisor that Working Group members can refer to for advice.

Alternatively if you have relevant Marketing / Community Engagement or Project Planning experience you may be the person we are looking for to bolster our Steering Group and help oversee this project.

Volunteer to help carry out occasional tasks

If you don’t feel able to commit time regularly to developing the Neighbourhood Plan you can still help on an ad-hoc basis. Every now and then we will have tasks such as distributing surveys around the parish and having extra volunteers to call on will help us immensely.

We would also like to set up a network of Street Champions, with at least one individual representing every street in the parish. These Street Champions would be expected to talk to their neighbours about the Neighbourhood Plan to tell them how we are progressing and highlight opportunities for them to participate to encourage the community as a whole to have a say in this important process. If you are supportive of the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan, but don’t have much spare time to actively participate in its production, then this could be an ideal role for you.